How to Become an Employment Counselor

Employment counselors, career counselors, or vocational counselors work with people to aid them in preparing for a job hunt by creating a resume, teaching interview success techniques and identifying employment options. Counselors can make use of assessment exams to help locate careers that will facilitate the skills and potential of the client.

On the other hand, the counselor also helps job hunters keen in an employment change by establishing interests, potential and skills to seek the career path that basically meet their requirements. The employment counselor could advise extra training to meet the needs of a certain career. Counselors should have the talents, education and training to work in a practical environment as well.


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    Get an Undergraduate degree in Psychology

    You should have an undergraduate degree in Psychology. This will help the students to study the additional education needed for counselors in order to help their future clients. Courses consist of research methods in psychology, social and behavioural sciences and a brief introduction to the subject as a career. Learners can also opt for an internship for credit in the program. The internship provides the ambitious employment counselors to gain experience by working with the professionals.

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    Go for a Master’s degree program in Psychology

    You can also pursue a master’s degree in the subject. Employment counselors should have a master’s degree education in counselling with a strong focus in career counselling to be able to practice it as an occupation.

    This degree concentrates on counselling techniques, employment development, assessment, research and human growth and development. You can learn to determine the talents of a client, manage tests and tell clients to follow career options. The education program can also contain clinical study under the management of a licensed counselor.

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    Acquire a State License to practice

    There are a number of requirements for a license to work as an employment counselor and this differs in every state. State licensing boards for counselors need the person to pass a state exam to get the license. The exams tests the person’s knowledge and information of counselling techniques, assessments, evaluations, performances, legal and ethical needs to make it as an employment counselor.

    A few states need work experience under the management of a licensed practitioner to apply for a license to work in the state. Clinical experience is important as it gives the candidate a chance to observe a professional employment counselor along with the job experience.

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