How to Give a Speech at a Funeral

Funerals are associated with grief and sorrow, but when the very frail and old people die there is also a sense of relief that the deceased is finally free of all the sufferings. Attending a funeral is a tough task that is coupled with emotional pain but it also gives you a chance of catharsis. You can express your grief and pay tribute to the deceased by delivering a farewell speech.

Standing in front of a group of the grieved persons and delivering an effective speech is not an easy task though. You will have to choose your words carefully and pay homage to the deceased in minimum time.


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    Prepare yourself for the speech:

    First of all, you should prepare yourself to stand in front of the people and say some nice words that can express your love and respect for the deceased. There is no harm in being emotional during this speech but you should remember that you are supposed to inspire others to bear this pain with patience and tolerance. You can avoid the intensity of emotions through sobs or small pauses.

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    Introduce yourself:

    Now, when you are fully prepared to express your grief and show mark of respect for the deceased, you can start your speech. Do not forget to introduce yourself in the beginning as there will be lot of people who might not know you. Make sure you are not being formal and show your closeness with the deceased in a natural way.

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    Share some memories:

    After introducing yourself, you should give a brief history of your relationship with the deceased. Gather your thoughts and share some memories of the old days. However, you must not reveal the secrets that the deceased did not tell anyone till the last day. Just think what he or she would have allowed you to tell others and this will really help you in selecting few valid memories.

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    Describe the impact:

    Next thing you should do is to tell others the significance of the deceased in your life. You may describe couple of things that you have learnt from that person’s life. This is the portion where you pay homage to the departed soul. Make sure that it is coming straight from the heart. Avoid using phrases or pre-written dialogues as this will not leave a good impression.

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    Advise others to be tolerant:

    In the end, you should make the audience realise that this is the circle of life and everyone should bear this pain with patience.

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