How to File a Labor Complaint

If you are feeling that your employer is manipulating and depriving you of your rights then filing an official complaint is the only choice you have. Almost every country of the world has laws to protect the labour class as the relevant authorities take action if the plaintiff provides enough evidence.

Mostly, people think that it is a futile exercise as the ratio of favourable decisions for labour is very low. This is just because of ignorance as people do not know the right procedure and ultimately get their case dismissed. However, you can file a labour complaint and get justice by following some simple tips.


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    Know your companies policy:

    First, you should start by knowing your company’s policies. The best way to find out is to review your contract. Everything will be described there so read thoroughly and make sure that no term and condition is going against you.

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    Gather evidence:

    Your next step should be to gather evidence to make your case strong. You must keep in mind that the relevant authority won’t take even a single second to dismiss your case if some solid evidence is not provided. This can put you in deep trouble as your employer can sue for defamation.

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    Read the relevant law:

    After getting all the evidence in hand, you should do some research about the law of your state. Every country or state has its own laws so look for the relevant ones and then proceed for litigation. Browse the internet, visit law libraries or consult a lawyer for guidance.

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    Act promptly:

    Remember, there is always a time limit for filing a complaint against your employer. In some countries, it is two years whereas some countries give three years to the plaintiff. You should act promptly and register your case immediately after something has occurred. Visit the local office of Wage and Hour Division and ask for the application form.

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    Fill out the form:

    Next thing you need to do is to fill out this form properly. You will have to provide complete information of both parties. Describe your job responsibilities and wages according to the contract and then give details about the violation. Provide the contact information of you and your employer.

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    File your complaint:

    After filling the form, you will submit this application to DOL staff. They may ask you few questions before issuing a summon to the other party.

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