Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

There is hardly a society in the world that is free of crime. Robbery, murder, rape, child abuse, kidnapping, such acts have become so prevalent that the governments and law enforcement agencies find themselves banging their heads against the wall to come up with a way to curb and eventually eliminate them completely from their jurisdiction.

Some crimes are considered worse than others based on the severity of the harm that is done to someone or the society. Irrespective of how high or low a crime sits on the list of worst crimes, they all need to be removed from the society completely.


  • 1

    Taking someone’s life is without any doubt a heinous crime, one that deserves the worst kind of punishment in order to set an example for others and consequently making them think twice or maybe thrice before committing it. Life is the most priceless thing in the world and if you take it away, there is nothing you can do to give it back.

  • 2

    Using force or coercion to have a sexual intercourse with someone without their consent is not only a disgusting and an animalistic act, it is a crime against humanity itself. The frequency of this crime and the percentage of cases reported vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In some areas, the victim of rape is looked at with more disdain than the person committing it.

  • 3

    Importing or exporting goods secretly, i.e. without the payment of legal duty, is known as smuggling. It is one of the biggest problems for governments around the globe, since curbing this crime is not easy. Smugglers are skilled at manipulating law enforcers and the law itself.

  • 4

    Even though it has come under the spotlight just over a decade ago, terrorism has been there for as long as one can remember. Acts of spreading terror through violence, intimidating and coercion in the society is known as terrorism. Terrorists use various justifications for their actions, which range from religious obligation to fighting for freedom.

  • 5

    Child Abuse
    Have sexual relations with a child or molesting them comes under child abuse. The crime is becoming increasingly common as people are becoming more sexually frustrated with every passing day. People who commit this crime are normally suffering from some psychological disorder.

  • 6

    There are various kinds of trafficking, including sex trafficking, child trafficking and women trafficking. Some people transport and sell human beings like commodities for monetary gains. The people who commit it are worse than the most savage of animals.

  • 7

    Using fear or force to take away someone’s possession in their presence is called robbery. In most cases, robbers use a gun to keep their target from taking a defensive action.

  • 8

    Kidnapping is an extremely common crime. It involves forcefully transporting a person to a location and then putting forward some demands such as ransom as a condition to release the person.

  • 9

    Female Foeticide
    In some developing countries such as India, a woman is forced to undergo abortion if the predicted gender of the unborn baby turns out to be female. This results in a gender imbalance in the country, with the ratio of men being greater than that of women.

  • 10

    Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence is an extremely common crime and one of the worst things about this crime is that a lot of people consider it normal. Hitting, abusing and generally mistreating the person living in one’s household is an abnormal behaviour that is gradually being recognised as a serious crime and therefore laws are being introduced to bring people committing this crime to justice.

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