Top 10 Things Which Lead People To Crime

There is not a single society in the world that is free of crime. People are not happy with their lives, indulge themselves in unnecessary comparison with others, experience fluctuation emotions, face hardships, suffer injustice, etc. With so many ills prevalent in the society, a lot of people see little to no reason to curb their innermost temptation.

People have been committing crimes since as long as one can remember. The reasons for committing these crimes, however, have varied from person to person. Some do it to seek revenge, others do it because of poverty and some do it because of anger. There are plenty of other things that lead people to crime.


  • 1


    Some people end up committing a crime such as murder or rape because of being mentally unstable. It is extremely important to take care of such people and keep a watch on them in order to keep them from becoming a danger to others.

  • 2


    Revenge is one of the most common reasons for people resorting to crimes. When people feel that they have been wronged, they get burnt deep inside due to this injustice. As a result, a lot of them simply decide to take law into their own hands, consciously giving little though to the consequences.

  • 3


    When a person does not have enough food to eat, enough clothes to keep his body covered and warm, enough money to feed his family, then he finds himself with no option but to resort to a life of crime. The frustration of being unable to attain the basic necessities of life while watching others enjoying a luxurious life leads them into doing criminal acts.

  • 4


    Everyone has a certain amount of respect for themselves and when someone takes a hit at this self-respect, people react by doing a criminal act. Ego is okay to an extent, but when it becomes too inflated, it becomes a problem.

  • 5


    A person loses his ability to think and act rationally when he is angry. Under normal circumstances, people try cool themselves down when they provoked into losing their temper. However, some people are not very good at cooling down and eventually get consumed by their anger, which in turn bring their inhabitations down and lead them into committing a crime.

  • 6


    Some people harbour an intense hatred for women. This hatred is so strong that it is actually abnormal, which consequently leads to an abnormal state of mind and thus abnormal desire to harm them.

  • 7


    Some people commit crime because they are not very fond of humans. They basically hate everything that walks on two legs for various reasons. As a result, they start committing crime just to make themselves feel a bit better.

  • 8

    Social Misfit

    The social misfits are unable to fit into the society that is overrun with vices and bad people. Losing hope in the law enforcers, these social misfits take it upon themselves to cleanse the society of evil and evil doers. They eventually end up taking the law into their own hands.

  • 9

    Peer Pressure

    The saying that a man is known by the company he keeps may have become a bit of a cliché, but it is true nevertheless. In order to feel wanted, some people start hanging out with a very bad company, which is involved in a life of crime. It is not long before this crowd begins to pressure the once noble, but desperate for acceptance individual. It is only a matter of time before the individual gives in to peer pressure and does what his “friends” asks him to do.

  • 10

    Quick Money

    Some people resort to crime to earn quick money. Crime often pays big while requiring the least amount of effort, which makes it an extremely appealing way of earning big money for some people.

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