How to Get a Job as a Probation Officer

A probation officer is someone who is in-charge of the performance of employees that are working on probation in a company. There can be multiple reasons for serving the probation period but one should not mix it with the probation period which an employee has to serve after joining a new company. The task of the probation officers is to monitor the activities of those lawbreakers which have been ordered to get out of jail for a community service.

They supervise these offenders and stay in touch with them on weekly basis to make sure that their actions are in accordance with the law and they are not engaged in any unlawful activities. If at any point, they have evidence that a particular offender is engaged in prohibited activities, they report against them and he has to serve the sentence.

To monitor the activities of offender, probation officers usually meet them at their homes, rehab facilities or work place whatever they consider feasible. The idea of keeping a check on offenders is to make sure they are keeping themselves out of troubles and everything is on track.


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    The foremost thing to be done is to check the requirements of your state regarding the probation officer. Keep in mind that the prerequisites may vary from state to state therefore, you should read them well.

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    One thing is for sure that in order to become a probation officer you must have a degree of relevant background like social work or criminal justice. Majority of the states demand that the potential candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree in the relevant disciplines while in some states, a candidate with a master’s degree is considered.

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    You would have to appear and pass as series of test before your could be selected as a probation officer. In general, the candidate has to earn good scores in a written test, followed by a psychological exam and then a physical exam. Remember that the physical strength is the most important thing here.

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    After you pass all the tests, you will have to attend a training session and then you will become a certified probation officer. Note that most of the states require that the candidate should fulfil a Federal government sponsored program and then the certification exam.

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    You should improve your computer skills as you will be required to prepare reports.

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