How to Find Local Television Listings

You can get access to hundreds of channels and infinite TV shows if you have a cable and satellite television at home. However, if you do not have TV listings, you will not know which show will air next or if it is a re-run. Know that the “things required” section provides various kinds of accesories you require to know about your TV programming. Remember not every thing in the list is important but one of them will be necessary.

Things Required:

– Local newspaper
– Broadcast receiver
– Cable or satellite TV remote
– Internet connection


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    Getting started

    Go through the entertainment section in your newspaper. There you will find that night’s TV line up along with the summaries of famous shows.

    If you have cable TV, there is a good chance that a few channels offered in it might not be given in the paper. This is because it cannot list all the channels on a page. Users of premium like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime usually have multiple versions of every premium channel available, and just one will be given in the paper.

    The Sunday paper gives all TV listings for the following week. This edition has more channel listings than the daily paper.

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    Cable or satellite service

    Both satellite or cable service will offer a channel guide you can see through a labelled button on the remote control.

    Remember that you can only view some channels and just a few hours of time schedule due to limited screen size. Therefore, you need to scroll up and down in the listings and left and right to access different hours of programming.

    Some cable and satellite programming guides also allow you to check some particular kind of programmes such as news, movies, music to trim your search. You can also keep reminders about when your favourite show will air.

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    Internet and broadcast receiver

    Visit sites like Yahoo TV, MSN TV and to see listings for your locality through ZIP code or time zone. Know that these sites will show the satellite, local cable and broadcast programming, and will display a lot more channels at a time.

    Also see your broadcast receiver if you are checking “over the air” broadcast TV. Keep in mind that this service will be dependent on what kind of TV and receiver you have.

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