How to Plan a Funeral for a Loved One

If you or someone close to you has lost a loved one, making the proper preparations for their funeral is a nice way to show that you care about the deceased. It is always important to remember the wishes of the person who has passed away when it comes to planning for the funeral. Using the following guidelines you can plan a funeral for a loved one in a tasteful and respectful manner.


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    Find out the deceased's own wishes

    Many people often make plans way ahead of time regarding the way they want to be buried or how their funeral should be arranged. These plans usually accompany the will of the deceased. Make sure to talk to your loved one’s lawyer to find out if there are any special wishes of the deceased in regards to the funeral.

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    Pick a funeral home

    You will need to pick an appropriate funeral home, that can handle all of the arrangements for you. There are a number of different funeral homes and their services or prices can vary a great deal. Make sure to pick a funeral home in the deceased's locality so that people who knew him/her can easily attend the funeral and pay their respects.

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    Place death notice in newspaper

    Call up the local newspaper and give a death notice for your loved one. This makes sure that the information is passed on to people who didn't get it the first time. Most newspapers have a special section for death notices. If the deceased moved around to different cities throughout his or her life, then you can also place death notices in the various local newspapers in those areas. There are also several online resources that you can use to post a death notice on different websites for everyone to see.

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    Call a spiritual leader

    Depending on the religion of the deceased, you should invite a spiritual leader from that faith to speak during the funeral services. Remember to respect the deceased's faith, and carry out the practices prescribed by his/her religion.

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    Plan a wake

    Make sure that you properly plan a wake so that friends and family of the deceased can gather to have something to reminisce about and have food as well. Invite only those people who were close to the deceased, as this is a private affair.

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