How to Create Forums Using Asp.Net

If you are thinking that you can establish a whole new forum with the help of then you are wrong because it’s not a forum development platform instead it is just a well enriched web application framework that is being designed by Microsoft to help programmers in building dynamic web pages. The cascading style sheets are also being developed automatically with a drag and drop service so it is easier and less time consuming but only if you are ready to go by the templates provided by the installation package and not try to improvise with your shear talent of programming. So, in order to get an online forum, you will have to register your domain with a web hosting firm.


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    Get your website a domain name. It is the address that your website can be accessed from like or etc.

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    You will have to buy the rights or outsource it to the hosting website. They will host your website online for a particular time period and cost you some dollars in response for their services. They will provide you an online space and software required to run everything on your website. Everyone across the globe can access your website through browsing software when the hosting company brings it live.

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    You need to install the software that will be supported by your forum. Use Fantastico for this purpose. They will do this service for you without an added effort. Currently most web hosts have phpBB, vBulletin and SMF forum softwares available in their Fantastico.

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    You have to create a forum administrator who will moderate everything on the forum. He will have a special username and password and added rights to edit posts; deletion and insertion of new threads can also be the added rights of administrator who will make sure that everything discussed is well within the limits set by your agreement and no one breaches the limits without any notice or dismissal.

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    The header of each page is to be designed in this step. You will have to make sure that your website or organisation’s name is placed at the top of the forum along with some informative description telling the domain of the discussions and characters that are to be used and not used etc.

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    Define categories and bring your forum live on the internet to accomplish your goal.

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