How to Schedule Auto-Shutdown in Windows 7

You are downloading something or your system is scanning thoroughly for any viruses but it’s too late at night and you don’t want to stay up to shutdown the computer when the downloading or scanning is completed. The scenario can be different as well, consider that you have to go somewhere and you can’t afford to wait until something is being completed on the system, may it be the installation of some software so you can shutdown the system. There is a reason why people love windows; you can schedule the shutdown time and do whatever you want without having to shutdown the system when the particular task or goal is accomplished. It is a very useful time especially considering the fast pace of life where you can’t afford to wait for certain items to finish and then you shutdown your system. There is no need to install anything special to cope with the shutdown dilemma. A built-in program in windows 7 is available at your disposal which can help you to schedule the shutdown. The program is known as Task Scheduler.


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    Find the start menu at the left bottom of your screen and click it. Find the Control Panel in the options and open it. Find the option of Administrative Tools and click it. There will be multiple options available to you once you have clicked administrative tools. Find the program TaskScheduler.

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    The right hand pane will contain the option of Create Basic Task. Click it. You will have to write the name of the task that will remind you of this activity; type a suitable name that will help you correlate the activity and the reason for shutdown. You can have the name like Auto shutdown with a description stating that time of your computer shutdown after a particular task is completed. It all depends on you. Click ‘Next’ when you are done.

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    Task Trigger screen will appear in front of you. It will ask you the number of times you want the task to repeat itself. You can choose it as you wish. You can choose the daily shutdown schedules which will daily turnoff the computer at the time stated. Similarly, you can use weekly and other options are also available. You can also customize them at your wish.

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    Click on the option ‘start a program’ and then ‘Next’. Type the following command, C:\Windows\System32\Shutdown.exe in the Program/script and type /s. Click Finish.

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