How to Decorate Cake with Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans, multi-colored bean-shaped confectionary with a firm sugar coating, are a great candy to use for cake decoration. Using jelly beans to give your cake a great finishing touch is wonderful idea as they are available in so many colors that you can use them according to various occasions as well. You can also buy bags of one flavor, allowing you to decorate without having to buy numerous jelly bean packets for one cake, which is a bit expensive activity. Jelly beans allow you magnificent chance to create an attention-grabbing and very sweet piece of dessert.


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    Using jelly beans to garnish your cake is not difficult at all. You just have to place any of your favorite pre-frosted cake on a cake base or a large serving plate. You can use various frosts like chocolate, or whipped cream etc.

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    Now, divide your jelly beans into sections according to color.  It will help you to you keep your project ordered.

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    Add a thin layer of any of your favorite frost all the way around the pre-frosted cake.

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    Then attach chocolate sticks to the frosting on the outer boundaries of the cake.

    Note: In case if you do not have chocolate sticks, then you can simply encrust the sides of the cake with jelly beans to create a cobblestoned look.

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    Now, pour the assorted colored jelly beans on the top of your cake. In addition to that, you can use your creative mind and experiment with multiple designs and methods in applying the jelly beans according to the occasion or your choice. You can make various designs on the top of the cake like flowers, balloons, smiley etc.

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    Your decoration is all most done. Wrap a cute bow around the cake to further enhance its look and to fix the chocolate sticks on place.

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    Cut the beautiful jelly bean cake into slices and serve. Enjoy!XX

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