How to Get a Business License in London

The legal power to grant a license to conduct business in a certain area falls under the responsibility of the government of London. Businesses can legally operate in London after getting a Business license by the London Government, because the license gives it the authorization to start a business in a certain category. The City of London issues its business licenses based on what type of business you wish to run and it is up to the owner to choose which is best for him or her. There are actually several different licenses depending on the type of business including alcohol licenses, out door food services licenses, massage license and others. For example you may need a liquor license in case you want to open a bar or pub and a separate license if you want to service clients on tables and chairs on the sidewalk.


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    When looking for a business license then visit the relevant Government agencies to check out which license is required for specific business, because there are licensing requirements for all government levels like federal, regional, state and local.

    You can start your search at the official government site of the city of London here or you can visit the Business Type tool here to figure what type of license your business will require.

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    Things required for license

    Each license will have its own requirements but in general you will require the following:

    1) A State license is required for business
    2) Business tax ID number
    3) Personal social security number
    4) The industry and operations of your business
    5) Physical location of your business.
    6) Personal information as a business owner
    7) Business name

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    There are some agencies working in London which can help you to get a license and register you business under the authority of London Government.

    Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd

    Artistic License Agency

    Golden Goose Ltd

    Copyright Promotions Licensing Group

    LGV 4 ALL

    The Licensing Agency

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    Application Forms

    When you visit the relevant agency of your business, the agency will guide and give you details for the license requirements for your business. The agency will also provide you the application form regarding your business.

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    Application fee

    Fees of business license will be submitted along with your application forms to the agency, which depends upon the type of license you need. It can be paid by check or cash if the application is completed online then there is also an option to pay via credit card.

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    Collection of License

    After the approval of application the License will be mailed to you  or you can collect it from the respective Agency.

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