How to Get Rid Of Calluses On Your Feet

Callus refers to a tough and hard part of skin that is caused due to continues friction and rubbing of that area. People take calluses as a health problem but in reality they are the natural defense of your body against constant pressure and friction exerted on the skin by forming a thick layer of dead cells over that part and protecting it from further severe skin infections. As our feet are the most roughly used part of the body and carries the weight of our existence regardless of how much it is, calluses are more prone to form on feet and are commonly called corns. However, this natural defense is due to several unnatural reasons including wrongly fitted shoes, improper posture, and inadequate walking style. Calluses can also be genetic and also due to unusual structure of bone. Despite of the fact that calluses actually protect our skin and usually don’t hurt, we still don’t like to have them on. Well this article contains several functional remedies to prevent and treat calluses to get rid of them easily.


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    Natural remedies

    Soak and scrub your feet

    In order to remove calluses from feet, soaking and scrubbing has become a widely accepted and effective treatment. Fill a tub with warm water and put your feet in it. Leave them in for almost 15 minutes in order to soothe the hard callus. Now scrub the callus with a pumice stone to remove the dead skin. Repeat this procedure once a week to prevent calluses.

    Apply moisturiser

    Moisturizers are helpful in removing and preventing callus formation by keeping the skin moisturized and makes it less likely to form dead and dry skin cells. Apply moisturizer before you go to sleep and leave it on overnight for best results. Also make sure to apply moisturiser after each bath to prevent calluses.

    Wear the right shoes

    It is very important to select rightly sized shoes for your feet to avoid calluses. A tightly fitted shoe will impose a constant pressure over your skin and result in callus formation. Wear shoes that are not tightly fitted and can provide easy space to your feet. It’s better to avoid high heels to prevent exertion on ball of your foot and cam form callus.

    Wear foot pads

    Foot pads basically help to reduce the friction between the foot and the shoe and thus are very effective in preventing the occurrence of calluses. So in order to avoid callus formation, wear foot pads.

    Keep your feet clean

    Being worn and torn on daily basis, your feet require extra care and cleanliness. As clean feet are less likely to get callus on them, make sure to wash your feet whenever you take your shoes off after a long wearing period.

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    Home remedies

    Lemon juice

    Lemon juice contains citric acid that helps to soften the hard calluses. Squeeze one lemon to extract its juice in a small bowl, crush 5 aspirin tablets and mix them into the lemon juice. Now apply the paste on the callus and cover it with a plastic sheet. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rub the pumice stone over the callus to remove it.


    Vinegar also has acidic nature and works same as lemon. Dip a cotton bud in vinegar and band it on the callus for whole night. Remove it in the morning and rub the callus with pumice stone.


    Too much moisture on callus or corns can create infections. You can keep it dry by applying cornstarch on the callus, particularly between your toes to prevent and cure calluses.

    Baking soda

    Baking soda is one of the most effective treatments of callus. Make a thick paste by adding one tablespoon of water into three tablespoons on baking soda. Apply the paste over the callus and massage gently. Callus will get soft and will eventually be gone.

    Castor oil

    soak a cotton piece into castor oil and tape the cotton onto the callus. Leave for whole night and remove in the morning. Rub the callus with pumice stone to get rid of it easily.

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    Consult doctor

    When the calluses on your feet are due to toe abnormality then preventions will not help to get rid of them. Such cases require clinical treatments and toe straightening operations. Consult a specialist or a surgeon to get rid of callus permanently.

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