How to Get Rid Of Bronchitis Quickly

Many people have problem breathing during the winter season. The discomfort involves sore feeling in the chest, and a person feels like spewing out the sputum, and he/she starts having bouts of wheezing along with shortness of breath. Later on, these symptoms result in having fever which means that the person having it is suffering from Bronchitis. If we look at the definition, Bronchitis is a kind of disorder in the respiratory system that causes an inflammation of the medium-sized airways of the lungs. If the inflammation continues, the airways of the lungs become narrow and often get blocked, which results in severe coughing, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. Nevertheless, it is not very difficult to get rid of Bronchitis in quick time these days. Trying a few remedies, you can have Bronchitis treated effectively.


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    Prevention against Bronchitis

    The concept behind prevention against Bronchitis revolves around the famous saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence in order to treat Bronchitis naturally, there are some suggestions as well as preventions.

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    Avoid Smoking and Smokers

    If you are a smoker and have bronchitis, then the very first thing you should do in order to get rid of it is to quit smoking. You should also try to avoid being in the company of smokers.

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    Stay away from irritants

    Bronchitis is often triggered by some irritants in the atmosphere around you. Normally if you are in a dusty environment, then there are bright chances of you having bronchitis. Some sprays can also have the same effect, so it is advised to stay away from them as much as possible.

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    Avoid cough suppressants

    Some people use cough suppressants as they find cough quite annoying and irritating. It must be understood that cough helps in clearing the airways from dead bacteria, cells, and other stuff that are main constituents of phlegm. Hence, it is good to avoid cough suppressants.

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    Take proper rest

    When your body gets infected, the natural immune system starts fighting against the infection. Since resting boosts up the performance of immune system by producing more White Blood Cells, so it is advised to take proper rest and avoid over exertion.

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    Increase the fluid intake

    Your body tends to lose fluid reserves faster while suffering from fever or infection. Increasing the fluid intake keeps the body fluids maintained and at the same time, keeps you hydrated.  Ample fluid intake also thins and accelerates the expelling of sputum and phlegm.

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    Eat healthy diet

    Make sure your diet includes all the essential nutrients that are required to make up a healthy diet.

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    Getting Flu Vaccine

    Most of the times, Bronchitis is an outcome of influenza. For this reason, it is advised that get yourself vaccinated for flu at least once a year to avoid getting flu and of course bronchitis.

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    Install a humidifier

    This will certainly require some investment from your part. During winter when it gets cold and dry, the coughing gets more severe. Having a humidifier in your room keeps the air moist, relieves cough and thus, promotes expelling of sputum and phlegm.

  • 10

    Take proper medicine

    If you are not able to get rid of Bronchitis after applying any of the above listed methods, then you always visit your doctor and go for proper medications such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil).

    Note: Doctor's prescription is advised and mandatory before having any sort of medication.

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