How to Get Rid Of Cold Sores Quickly

Getting rid of cold sore quickly is really important as they are many times very afflictive to suffer from. These annoying, burning, and ugly outbreaks are common on cheeks, chin, and nose and around mouth. The embarrassing cold sores usually occur during winter season and take even weeks to get rid of. Tension, stress, cold fever, the herpes simplex virus, and acidic foods are the possible causes of cold sores. If you ignore them during initial days, then they will become more icky and unattractive and people automatically start avoiding you.


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    Drink plenty of liquids

    If you are suffering from the aching cold sores, just make sure that you take as much liquids as you can. Drink juices and water, as they are quite helpful in recovering from cold sores. However, do not take any citrus juices.

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    Apply ice

    Take out ice cubes from your refrigerator and apply it directly to your cold sores. The ice cubes will slow down the movement of herpes simplex virus and numb the affected area, slowing down the pain and itching of cold sores.

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    Apply teabags

    Cover the cold sores with the used teabags. The antiviral properties of the tannic acid in the tea bags are very much helpful in speeding up the healing process of cold sores.

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    Apply Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe Vera gel is another effective remedy for cold sores. Apply some aloe vera gel to the affected area with a clean finger or a cotton ball. Wait for few minutes until your skin absorbs the gel thoroughly. The gelatinous sap in the gel helps in keeping the cold sores elastic and prevents skin cracking.

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    Apply some herbal extracts

    Some of the herbal extracts like the tea tree and Echinacea extracts are also befitting in getting rid of the cold sores. Both of these extracts possess healing properties. You can apply them with cotton ball, tissue paper, or tip of your finger. Make sure to wash your hand properly after applying the extracts as the cold sores can spread to other parts of your face.

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