Health Benefits of Sex

Sex has health benefits. Yes, doctors will admit this. Of course, they are talking about protected sex, hopefully with one steady partner. Now just think about it for a moment. How do you feel when you are in a loving relationship, when you are having sex, making love on a steady basis. Don’t you feel better? Doctors and researchers admit that you aren’t just imagining this. You can actually feel better. Sex has many health benefits.

For starters, it is a stress reliever. Stress is a killer. We all are filled with it. Stress invades are bodies from practically the moment we awake to the moment we try to fall asleep. With good sex, we can rid our bodies of this poison and hopefully have fun doing it.

By relieving stress, we also are happier and less depressed. Depression is growing by leaps in bounds in America alone. Just look at all the antidepressants on the market today. It is scary.

Stress can also cause us to over-eat. Over-eating causes us to be over-weight. Plus, what do doctors recommend we do when we need to loose weight, exercise? Sex, is an exercise.

With a reduction in stress, we also sleep better at night. Sleeping better, means our bodies functions better and we are again more relaxed.

Okay, so far, we have established that sex helps our stress level, which helps us fight depression, makes us happier, helps keeps us from over-eating and helps us sleep better, which allows us to function better. Plus, it is an exercise. Not bad, huh. But there is more.

Researchers also say that having sex can lower our cholesterol. This is again because of the exercise factor and we all know exercise is suppose to help lower our cholesterol (yes, it is).

Sex can also help improve our circulation. When we are having sex, our heart beat increases (hopefully), this causes our blood flow to increase to our brain and to other parts of our body, thus our blood begins circulating better.

Researchers also say that having sex also helps to relieve pain, including headache pain. What happens is that when we reach a state of orgasm our bodies releases a chemical called an endorphin this chemical naturally lessens pain. Of course, be realistic here, if you are in the deep state of a migraine you aren’t going to be able to make love to your sweetheart. But if you just have a small headache or maybe a small pain in your wrist or whatever, making love may stop the pain quicker than reaching for that pain pill (plus making love is a lot better for you).

Are there any more proven benefits? Well, some people believe that if you have an active sex life for your entire life you may live longer? Seems reasonable? Your mind is happier? Your body is functioning better. Plus, some researchers believe that an active sex life can help improve our immune system, improve our cognition, promote bone growth, maintain and repair our tissues, and keep our skin healthy and supple.

We all know that a healthy sex life does keep the most important part of our life healthy, our love for our partner. You can’t be in a happy, healthy relationship without intimacy.

Now you have all the reasons why you should not go to bed angry, and why you should never say, “not tonight, dear, I have a headache,”, unless that headache is a really bad one. If that headache is a small ache, a little loving might make it go away faster than an Excederin.

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