Weight Loss as a Couple

Peer pressure. It’s rampant in schools, the workplace, social circles. It works. Losing weight as a couple is no different. Though pressing and nagging a significant other to do anything typically ends with no resolution, a team attitude and willingness to stick together as a couple to have significant weight loss success can prove more effective than attempting the weight loss effort alone. Knowing that your significant other is guiding you and in the same “weight loss” zone can greatly improve your chances for successâÂ?¦ as a couple.

Getting started
Losing the “diet” mentality is step number one in your weight loss effort. Focusing on a lifestyle change is key for couples. Become each other’s cheerleaders and refrain from being a thorn in each other’s side.

Implementing weight loss strategy as a couple
Sit down as a couple. Writing down your strategies for success will help keep both you and your significant other accountable. Break out a piece of paper and fold it in half. On one side, write “weight loss awareness”. On the other side, write “new beliefs to embrace for weight loss success”.

Ideas for “weight loss awareness” can include: listing your first diet, and any successive ones in which you’ve atempted weight loss; what your current weight is and how much you would like to lose; what pitfalls you have (ie. Eating out at work, not enough exercise).

Compare your lists, and work together as a couple to strategize on what weight loss beliefs you can embrace together. Write them down on the other side, under “weight loss success”.

Ideas for “new beliefs to embrace for weight loss success” can include: suggestions as a couple to embrace as a change in lifestyle, turning pitfalls into successes for weight loss, exercise ideas for couples, ways to motivate each other, and rewards for small increments of weight loss.

Weight loss strategies to remember
*Use your senses to guide you as to when, where, what and how much to eat.
*Eat only until you are satisfied. Using your significant other to urge positive reminders can help greatly in this weight loss strategy.
*There are no good or bad foods- moderation is key.
*Cooking and exercising as a couple provide positive reminders of your efforts in weight loss.
*Listen to your body to provide cues. Tight clothing and the feeling of being bloated are cues to reduce your intake of food.

Working together for weight loss
Weigh in together once a week. Keep a chart of your weight loss efforts. Make efforts to work out as a couple to provide additional motivation. Always encourage, never demean each other. As a couple, you can embrace weight loss with greater rewards than attempting weight loss alone.

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