Alternative Treatments to Treat Infertility

Before they seek treatment from a doctor, if a couple is having trouble conceiving a child they should try a number of alternative treatments to treat infertility. A combination of alternative and medical treatments are the best way to treat infertility but there are alternative treatments to try. Most alternative treatments include the healing method from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The first alternative treatment to try in order to treat infertility is acupressure. Acupressure can stimulate conception by using finger or palm pressure just below the navel area or the chest area to regulate the life energy or chi in the body.

For men, this method balances and enhances the kidney meridian and reproductive areas in the pelvic area. Cover the area with your palm, with the other hand on top of the other, press and rub 100 times in a clockwise manner. Use about 5 to 7 pounds of pressure, which you can gauge by pressing your hand on the scale. For women, this same procedure helps stimulate the liver meridian by using the same amount of pressure on the chest directly between the nipples. Another alternative treatment to treat infertility is food. For women, eating warm foods instead of cool foods help to produce a warm, comfortable environment in the uterus to help conception. Women should have a diet high in protein. Men should eat cool foods, like fruit, to help improve sperm production since heat damages sperm production.

The next alternative treatment that can be used to treat infertility is a sexual technique that involves the Yin and Yang to unite in conception and treat infertility. Couples should achieve an orgasm together to create the best chance for conception. Mind-Body relaxation, which involves calming emotions and releasing stress, can increase the chance of a couple conceiving a child and treating infertility. Methods involved in mind-body relaxation include meditation, visualization, yoga, and breathing techniques. For men, increasing the health of their prostate is important in treating infertility. Engaging in Kegel exercising, which strengthens the power of ejaculation. The method is similar to stopping the flow of urine. Doing this Kegel exercises three times a day can help treat infertility.

Basic nutrition as an alternative treatment to treat infertility is simple to follow. For women, cut down on coffee, soda, and alcohol and increase your iron intake. Taking 50 mgs daily on an empty stomach can increase fertility. Although vitamin C is usually a good thing, too much can cause infertility in women. Take no more than 500 mg a day. Women can also increase their intake of Vitamin B6 to 50 mgs a day if they have irregular periods. For men it’s the opposite when it comes to vitamin C, men should increase their intake of vitamin C taking 1,000 mgs a day. Vitamin C is thought to increase the number and speed of sperm. Arginine improves sperm count and motility. For a low sperm count, take 4,000 mgs a day and for motility take 8,000 mgs a day. Don’t take arginine if you have herpes. Increasing zinc intake can boost the sperm count, take about 30 mgs a day for 4 months.

These alternative treatments can help a couple conceive a child by treating infertility. However if none of these treatments work, seek advice from a specialist.

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