Free Surgery and Dental Work in Your Town

Many people are unaware of the Vocational Rehabilitation services in their own home town. The ones that do know about it think it’s only for helping handicapped citizens. Wrong. The Vocational Rehabilitation is in a position to help with free surgery, dental work and much, much more.

If you are employed, but a health problem may prevent you from continuing to work, your local Vocational Rehab can help. Especially convenient for those who need a major operation, but have no insurance, Vocational Rehab will pay for the doctors’ visits, medication, actual surgery, recuperative equipment and physical therapy, as well as major dental work, too.

Say you’ve been told by your doctor that you need a hip replacement. No insurance? Visit your local Vocational Rehabilitation Center. They’ll see that you get quality care so that you’re able to go back to work soon. Some Vocational Rehab centers specify that you must return to work within a certain amount of time, or be billed for their services, though, so make sure you understand the terms before receiving help.

Had dental problems for years? Discolored, broken or missing teeth keeping you from a promotion you deserve? Are your dental problems causing you pain? Speak to someone at your local Vocational Rehabilitation center. They’ll help you find a dentist in your area that can fix your dental problems and get you back to work in no time.

The Vocational Rehabilitation’s goal is to help those with handicaps find and keep work. Even if your handicap is temporary, such as a bum hip, they’ll help you get fixed up and back to work. They also offer vocational counseling, job matching, custom training, assistive technology and independent living help. You must be able to prove that you cannot afford the surgery yourself, and that your income is too low to pay for the treatments.

You don’t have to already be unemployed to receive assistance like surgery or dental work. You just need to have been told by a doctor that you require the particular surgery or dental work. Although the Vocational Rehab cannot just fill and cap teeth for individuals who need this type of work, they can help you get major dental work done if it is preventing you from going to work because of pain. They can also assist you with dental work if it’s keeping you from being able to work in a field in which you’re qualified, but overlooked, because of your dental appearance.

Check with your local Vocational Rehabilitation Center to see what they can do for you, in terms of surgery or dental assistance. If they can help get you back to work, they will. The Vocational Rehab offers all sorts of services – ask for a list or guide of what they can provide.

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