Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars

Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars are one of the best energy bar products I have found in terms of taste, nutrition and compatibility with a wide range of specialized diets. In fact, the Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar is appropriate for those who are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, kosher, avoiding refined sugar or following a raw food diet. Raw Revolution bars also contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, which is a much higher percentage than many other “organic” products.

Considering how many ingredients Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars avoid, you may be wondering what’s in them. The ingredients vary by flavor (which include cashew and chocolate, chocolate raspberry, coconut and agave nectar, cashew and spirulina, chocolate and coconut, and hazelnut and chocolate), but generally include nuts, dates, sprouted flax, amaranth and where appropriate, chocolate. Bars are high in fat because of the nut content, but they contain no transfat or cholesterol and are very low in sodium (which is naturally occurring in the ingredients). The average bar has just under 300 calories, 7 grams of protein and is a good source of dietary fiber.

The big question when it comes to health foods or foods designed for specialized diet is how does it taste? Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars , of course vary by flavor. The more health focused bars such as the spirulina bar are likely only to appeal to those who have a dedicated interest in this sort of healthy lifestyle. For those looking merely for a good, low-sugar source of energy or want to use the bars as a replacement food in a restrictive diet (e.g., gluten-free) the flavors that include chocolate are highly preferable. The bars are dense and flat and you are less aware of them being formed from fruit than you are with say, Larabars. Additionally the chocolate flavor is rich, and while the texture is chewy, it is not unpleasantly so. Also, despite being totally uncooked it is hard to tell that this is a raw food bar. Of course, because of the manufacturing process of the Raw Revolution Organic Live Food bar, each bar may contain shell and pit fragments so proceed with some basic caution.

Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars are not cheap – they’re about $2 each unless you order them in bulk from the company either via their website or Amazon.com. The bulk requirements are high though, so you may have to just consign yourself to the price. Unlike other energy bars, however, I find these to be filling and offer great taste and texture, even exceeding that of the somewhat comparable Larabar.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack that is safe for your specific dietary needs, you absolutely must try Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars.

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