Reduce Canker Sores with Natural Treatments

Canker sores break out in the mouth and cause pain. Canker sores are harmless ulcers that set up shop in your mouth for about a week. Many doctors don’t know what causes canker sores but some alternative doctors believe that stress is the actual cause and by taking some natural treatments, this can help reduce canker sores.

One of the best natural treatments to prevent canker sores from gaining momentum and lasting long is to put a tablet of activated charcoal right on the area of the beginning stages of a canker sore and keep it there until the tingling sensation goes away. The feeling should go away in about 20 minutes but only use one tablet an hour. Be mindful that the charcoal will turn the area black but there is nothing harmful about this.

Taking vitamin B can help to reduce the number of canker sores because the vitamins help the body overcome deficiencies that cause the sores. Take 400 mgs of folic acid and 200 mcgs of vitamin B12 daily to help reduce the occurrences of canker sores. Zinc helps the natural healing process of most wounds, including canker sores. As soon as you see a sore, take 30 mgs a day of zinc and continue that amount until the canker sore is gone.

Taking Myrrh will help repair any damaged skin that canker sores may cause. Myrrh works quickly and effectively restoring the skin back to its healthy tone. You can find a tincture of myrrh available in health stores. Apply the whole dropper of the tincture on a clean gauze or cotton ball. And three to four times a day, apply the gauze or cotton ball to the sore, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. If you prefer not to walk around with a piece of gauze or cotton ball in your mouth, then you can drop the tincture into a 4 ounce glass of water, stir it, and then swish it in your mouth for a few seconds, and spit it out. You can do this treatment four times a day.

Women tend to get canker sores more than men and the reason may be a lack of iron, so be sure you are getting a daily intake of 18 mgs of iron to help reduce the likelihood of canker sores. If you are stressed and suffer from a lack of energy, try taking 1,000 mgs of lysine a day – 500 mgs twice a day. Sometimes a certain ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste may cause canker sores. If you are susceptible to getting canker sores, you can purchase natural toothpaste without this ingredient in many health stores.

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