How to Get Rid of Latex Allergy

Some people get to have skin rash and other irritations if their skin comes in contact with things like balloons, dishwashing gloves, rubber toys, rubber bands, condoms and waistbands on clothing. This is basically an allergic reaction that occurs due to the presence of rubber latex made from trees, which are commonly known as rubber plants. The rubber latex is a white milky fluid that contains a protein contamination which can result in developing a latex allergy. It takes only a few minutes for an allergic reaction to start once the immune system has detected the protein. Besides skin rash, you may have asthma, and in some cases, shock when exposed to the latex. Nevertheless, keeping a few things in mind can help you stay protected against latex allergy.


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    Avoid Latex Contamination.

    The basic and perhaps most effective tool for managing a particular type of allergy is avoiding the substance or allergen that triggers allergic reaction. Therefore, if you are allergic to latex then try your best to avoid its exposure.

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    Use Latex-free Synthetic rubber.

    If allergic to latex, it is advised to use latex free synthetic rubber like Vitron, SBR, Neoprene, Nitrile and Butyl. This is because there are no proteins produced in them and so, there is no chance of an allergic reaction.

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    Latex containing items.

    If you happen to be a latex allergy patient, then you must keep away from anything that may contain it. And if you are unsure of the ingredients that a product may carry, then consult its manufacturer or avoid using that product altogether.

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    Avoid Safe Latex products.

    Be informed that certain products with labels of “Safe Latex” often claim to have low proportions of natural latex. However, you must know that even a small proportion of latex can trigger an allergic reaction.

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    Use Powderless Gloves.

    Although there is no treatment for total elimination of  latex allergy, but using powderless gloves can prove to be helpful against airborne latex for people who need to wear them.

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