How to Keep Enrollment Up in a Day Care Center

Day care centers are great for people who are busy with their work schedule and have no time to take care of their kids in the day time. However, due to competition from rival day care centres, high unemployment rate and an economic recession, there is a difficulty in getting children signed up at the day care centre. These factors limit the amount of kids on a regular basis, which furthermore affects the facilities finances and profits as a result. In order to avoid this situation you can try a number of things to keep enrolment up rather laying off staff, reduce services or shut down the centre.


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    Stretch the timings of the facility

    Increase the number of hours the day care opens for. Be aware of the fact that some parents do not work the routine nine to five shift, as they might work round the clock or on shift basis. As a result of this, you can get the children of these people if you extend the hours of your day care center according to their work schedule. Therefore, it can work in your favour to open the center at 5:30 am rather than 7 am so that people who have work at 6 am can drop their kids to your facility.

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    Offer special facilities

    You can also give part time care to kids. A number of parents just require child care services for a couple of hours every day or on certain days during the week according to their work schedules. Day care centers that provide such services help parents to just pay for the services that their kids used and not the entire day charges which are not affordable to them. Remember that most of the centres do not provide this facility so it is best for your center if you want to increase the enrolment. This is also very helpful during periods of high unemployment as parents can leave their kids with you when they go for job interviews.

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    Reduce prices

    It is very effective to lower your charges and it always works. Make sure you know that people want good quality child care facilities but at a good price. They would not want to over pay in most cases. They will most certainly opt for other day care centres that have lower rates and offer the exact service. Moreover, you can add incentives as well for parents.

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