Experience in an Autism Center for Children

Well, it’s just a little awareness for everyone out there about the autistic child. Autistic children are actually those children who are kept to themselves and do not interact with the outer world. To them, they have the world of themselves, individually, and only live within their own world. And they are quite moody too. As they can be nice in the morning and get depressed as approaching noon. A day of visit at the NASOM (national autistism society of Malaysia) gave me an oppotunity to have direct contact with them. Well, from what i’ve seen and acknowledged, the autistic children from their appearance they are just like normal children. HOwever, their behavior is totally different from other children. Form the point of Asians, they are just like quite good baby or maybe hyperactive bad kids. As some of them are totally very quiet till they will not speak the whole morning and some of them just like to shouting around or start crying without and trigger.

Autistic children apparently look stubborn as they will not listen to what you said nor obeying anyone. But what astonished me is that those kids after training for months or years, they are actually quite well trained by the teachers. The teachers told us that in order to help these kids to be better, the best way to teach is to love them when you teach. And they also told us that somehow the autistic children come from a good family background where the parents are well-educated and have good income. (It’s clearly true because we saw that most children went back with BMW, Mercedes Benz etc and we also realise that those children actually not that really happy to go home as by the facial expression from the parents, I actually notice that they are quite fierce towards their children). Therefore, I think that actually the best way to treat the autistic children is to pour them with love, not only from the parents or the teachers, but also from the society.
To help these children: http://nasom.my.diip.net/

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