How to Make a Boutique Hair Bow

Boutique Hair Bows are very fashionable hair accessories for girls. You can wear them on various events to tie up your hair or to enhance the hairstyle. Additionally, you can customize your Boutique Hair Bow according to the colors of your outfits or for various occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day etc. The twisted Boutique Hair Bows can be a little costly to buy from the market as the ribbons used in these bows are uniquely made to be twisted easily. Therefore, getting an idea to make your own Boutique Hair Bows can save you money and time.

Making a Boutique Hair Bow at home is a very easy and fun activity. The best thing about making your own Boutique Hair bow is that you can select the colors of the ribbons according to your own choice and requirement.

Things you will need to make a Boutique Hair Bow
– Ribbon 1 – 1 ½ inch wide and 22 inches long
– Ribbon 2 – ½ inch wide, 1 ½ long
– Lighter or Fray Check- to seal ribbon ends
– Large salon clip
– Glue / glue gun
– Scissor
– Thread or embroidery floss – in a matching with the ribbons
– Pencil or Markers


  • 1

    Pick ribbon 1 with 1 ½ inch width and 22 inches length and fold it half.

  • 2

    Grab a Fray Check or other fabric glue and seal the ends of the selected ribbon. Yyou can also use a lighter to stick the ends of the ribbon together. You just have to turn the flame on and point it towards the the ends of the ribbon very speedily.

    Note: Be very careful and make sure to use caution with both lighter and fabric glue methods around your kids.

  • 3

    Pick a marker or pencil and mark the exact center off the folded ribbon.

    Note: Try to mark a very small dot so it won’t show when you make the hair bow. It is even better to use a marker in the color of the ribbon.

  • 4

    Hold the top portion of the ribbon and gently circle it just like you are making an awareness ribbon which is used as a symbol of a variety of global concerns depending on its patterns and colors.

  • 5

    Once you circle the top of the ribbon, hold the end in the center and repeat step 4 with the other side of the ribbon so that the ends meet up right in the center.

  • 6

    Now, hold the ribbon from the top and bend both ends up to the center. Overlap the folded ends and hold it tight with the tip of your thumb and index finger.

  • 7

    Choose a large silicon clip and carefully insert it into the center to hold the hair bow in fix position. Now, fiddle with the bow’s loops in order to give them a smooth and even look.

  • 8

    Select embroidery floss according to the color of your ribbon and wrap it around the hair bow from front to back.

    Note: Make sure to loop the embroidery floss around several times and tied knots to hold the bow as you cannot use a sewing machine or needle and thread for this purpose.

  • 9

    Bit by bit pull together the ends of the embroidery floss in order to secure it. Cut the end of the embroidery floss with a small scissor.

  • 10

    Decide on a small piece of ribbon in contrast with the color of the ribbon and apply fabric glue to its back side.

    Note: Make sure that the selected piece of ribbon is enough to be twisted around the center of the Boutique Hair Bow.

  • 11

    Wrap the glue applied piece of ribbon around the center of the Boutique Hair Bow as tight as you can. Now, hold the glued end of the ribbon down for a few minutes until dry well.

  • 12

    Well done, you have successfully made a stylish Boutique Hair Bow. Add it to your hairstyle and enjoy!

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