How to Keep your Blonde Hair Looking Great All Week

Hair certainly have the most prominent impact upon your overall personality and well maintained hair adds a lot to your beauty. Naturally blond hair need proper care and nourishment, especially if you have to keep them long. Stronger the hair, faster they will grow longer and more hair styles you can make out of them. A few easy steps to follow can allow you to make your blonde hair look great throughout the week. Mind you, strong and beautiful hair can add up to your confidence and elegance at the same time. You don’t need to spend too much time or money on maintain your hair but some easy steps can ensure proper nourishment of your hair with limit cost incurred.


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    One common mistake done by blonde hair girls is to make an attempt to highlight their hair with chemical-filled products. This might look beautiful temporarily but such practices can be extremely damaging for your hair in the long run. You can naturally lighten up your hair by applying beer to your hair and exposing them to sunlight. This will bring shine to them and highlight your blonde hair without damaging them.

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    Using good quality deep conditioner at least once a week provides the necessary nutrition to your blonde hair. A number of deep conditioners are available in the market but it is better to make your own natural conditioner at home. Natural herbs used in deep conditioners make your hair softer, rejuvenate your head scalp and bring strength to them.

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    Certain tips need to be followed while using shampoo on your hair. You should not shampoo the ends of your hair but wash the top and middle part, letting the shampoo run down the ends. Washing hair ends with shampoo make them brittle and can further cause split ends.

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    Using leave-in conditioners and creams sustain natural shine and smoothness of your hair. You can choose any suitable leave-in conditioner from the beauty stores or can even make a herbal one at home.

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    Keep trimming your hair regularly to make them look tidy. Any split-end hair can also be removed with regular trimming. You can go for a hair cut every 3 months.

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    Do not brush your hair a lot. Over-brushing can lead to cause split-ends and damaged hair.

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