How to Care For Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair is hair extensions made of pure human hair. Women folks put them in their hair to make it look longer and fuller. They are easily available in all human hair colours, shades and lengths. It is not difficult to manage the hair, it requires almost as much attention and care as the natural hair. Cleaning, washing and combing is a very similar process that is committed to manage the natural hair.

Since it adds to the beauty of natural hair and a person looks far better in lengthy and fuller hair, sparing some time to take care hair extension is an effort worth made. No special product or technique is required to manage hair extension and all normal products can be used in your hair, while giving protection to the extension.

Also, it is convenient to put them in the hair whenever needed and can be removed and stored whenever not required. Just make sure not to exert extra pressure while untangling the hair in extension as it can break the hair, and if they keep on breaking, it will make them thinner gradually.


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    Combing is an important step to take care of any hair, including remy hair extension. The hair in extension can be combed through with a gentle touch and this will unlock all the tangles and locks, but if the comb is stuck in a tangle, there is no need to put extra pressure. Just comb through the hair by untangling each one of them with the hand, as pushing through the comb forcefully will break them. If the hair is too dry do not comb them.

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    Remy hair extension is washed just like normal hair and there is no need of any special product or formula. It is better to wash the entire hair from one direction through other and rinse water from it completely. Also, let the hair dry naturally, and if use of dryer is need that should be at the lowest warm or cool temperature. Leaving hair wet for a longer time can also make it tangled to each other so you can wrap around a towel on it eitherĀ or let it air dry naturally.

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    Take Care While Swimming

    Swimming with remy hair extension open can damage it. Pool water can contain chemicals and any other stuff on its substance that can damage the hair. Better cover the hair with swimming cap before swimming, and also if the hair gets wet, dry it with natural air after swimming.

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    Use of Elastic

    Do not use plastic elastic to put the remy hair extension as it can damage the hair. Put the hair on a cloth covered elastic. Use of plastic elastic can also cause damage to hair extension.

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