How To Make a Wig Look Like Your Hair

Using a wig is an immediate way of changing ones overall look. If you are bored with your hairstyle and want to have a change, you can definitely opt for a wig to experiment something new. In the meantime, some people take the wigs as the necessity. For instance, people who suffer chemotherapy, the treatment for cancer, completely lose their hair. Therefore, they use wigs instead of having their original hair. In such cases, wigs greatly improve the overall look of the person.

Meanwhile, whenever you wear a wig, you will definitely want it to look original and natural with your overall structure of the face. You will never want anyone to ask you as if the hairs are original or fake. Fortunately, there are ways by which you can hide the identity of the wig and make it look like your original hair. You must consider the quality of the wig as your first preference, rather than the price and the style of the wig, if you want them to look like your own hair. The more expensive the wig is, the more natural it will look, compared to the cheap and discounted wigs that are readily available online and in the market.


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    Purchase the right type of wig. Make sure you do not only buy the quality wig, but also, the one which will look natural. You should choose the colour and texture according to the structure of your face. If you choose a wig colour that you like and do not actually matches you, then you are making a big mistake.

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    Hide all your original hair. You can do it by using a strong hair gel and sticking the hair to the scalp of your head. If you have long and lush hair, you can make a French braid and hide it under the cap of the wig. If you have medium-sized hair, you can hide them simply in the cap. You can use bobby pins to strengthen the cap on your original hair.

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    After you are done with placing the wig, visit your hairstylist and ask them to do the hair cutting, according to your needs and overall look.

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    If you wear any accessory on your hair, people get an idea that your hairs are natural. Therefore, you can wear a scarf or a headband.

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    If you find your wig too shiny, you can use baby powder, which will make the wig look a little dull and natural in shine.

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