The Hottest Summer Hairstyles

Summers can be rough on hair, with the grime and sweat making it hard to groom them. Men can find a way out by getting their hair cut short, but women have fewer options. While keeping your hair clean by shampooing and conditioning will help you fight off the heat, you may want to try a new hairstyle which will look hot, while keeping you cool.


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    The Bob

    This is one of the oldest hairstyles, around for decades, but is still going strong as a popular hairdo for women in summers. The best thing about this short haircut is that it keeps you cool in the summers and is extremely easy to style. You can also try different variations rather than opting for the more conventional bob cut.

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    If you intend to maintain long hair then perhaps you should try layering as they add bounce and body to your hair. You can get surfer girl waves by tousling the hair with mousse when wet.

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    The Ponytail

    If you love your long locks and are not going to get a haircut no matter what, then tie your hair in ponytail which will give you a clean and elegant look. A ponytail will keep you cool all summer long, as you can attend gatherings, parties and formal dinners with a ponytail without any problems.

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    This style is excellent for an evening out. You can easily achieve this style by pulling the hair into a ponytail which is not high, give it a twist and loosely attach it to your head with a clip. You can adjust it right at the back or at the side of your head according to your mood. This makes it an easy to carry hairstyle which will leave you cool throughout the summer.

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    Braiding your hair is another way to keep them off your neck in the blistering heat of the summer. Since there are different types of braids, you can easily find one according to your taste.

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