How to Get Victoria Beckham’s Haircut

Victoria Beckham, the wife of England’s most renowned football icon David Beckham, is a former lead of the English pop group the Spice Girls. She herself is a fashion icon and while many Brits don’t follow the Royal family they certainly keep an eye on what is the former Posh Spice up to. The way she dresses, the jewellery she wears and the hair style she sports becomes a trend and young girls all over the world go running to their stylists for the Victoria Beckham look. Her famous hairdo, now known as the Beckham Bob, is one of the most sought after styles.


  • 1

    The first step is to get your hair washed so the length can be assessed. With your chin to your chest, have the hairline determined.

  • 2

    Now you need to comb the hair flat against the head. Do this to the frontal portion of the hair from ear to ear.

  • 3

    Now as a guide for the rest of the cut, you need to get your hair cut  along the natural hairline.

  • 4

    You now have to lift your chin to a normal position and look to the left. Now comb the hair straight down over the ear and determine the length from ear to jaw.

  • 5

    Following the jaw line, you need to cut the hair straight.

  • 6

    You now have to repeat the same procedure on the right side.

  • 7

    By now, you will have a clear picture of the hairstyle which will be short from the back and long from the front, with the part framing the face as the longest.

  • 8

    Touch your chin with your chest as your stylist will now start working on the layers. He/She will take one-inch of hair from the centre of the back and cut at a 45 degree angle, continuing to cut following the head’s natural shape.

  • 9

    Your stylist will continue cutting this way from left to right and then right to left, which would give you evenly graduated layers.

  • 10

    Your stylist will now connect the back to the front for which he/she will have to continue cutting from the corners.

  • 11

    By the the stylist reaches the temples, he/she should not be cutting too deep.

  • 12

    When there is a slight corner, it will be a sign that you have achieved a perfect graduated bob.

  • 13

    Now to make it a perfect "Beckham Bob," just use a razor to soften the edges.

  • 14

    The final step is to blow dry the hair and use a styling gel to look like Victoria Beckham.

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