How to Style African American Hair

Your hair are your top glory and you should take good care of them, especially if you are a person with African American hair. Such hair need extra care, attention (as they grow more slowly), and breakage is more  due to less moisture. However, your hair texture should not be a hurdle in hairstyling. You can style them in various ways to look more attractive and glamorous.


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    Deep condition your hair thrice a week

    Deep condition your hair thrice a week with a super rich conditioner to avoid frizz and breakage.

    Note: Try best conditioner or a strong hold gel/serum for ideal conditioning and control.

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    Curling is the best option

    Curling is always the best option for the girls with African American hair, as they are already a little bit curled. All that you need to do is just refine your curls. Use a small curling iron and wrap small sections around the barrel for a glamorous 40s’ look. Do your entire head, but make sure that you curl all the way up on one side. Once you are done with the curling, finish your style with a setting spray followed by a bit of shine spray.

    Note: Make sure you deep condition your hair overnight to get the extra moisture that the coarse curls need.

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    Get a proper haircut

    To get perfect tight curls without frizz, you need a haircut that supports the pattern of your curls. Before having a haircut, do tell your stylist whether your hair are natural or chemically processed, so that she could give the cut you need.

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    Dreadlocks are also a best choice and work well for both men and women. However, mind it that you would need to take extra care of your African American hair if you are planning for dreadlocks. Using products specially designed for dreadlocks, shampoo and condition your hair after every three weeks. Between washings, wipe dreads and scalp a cotton ball soaked in astringent. This will help you combat growth of bacteria.

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    Styles for relaxed hair

    If you have relaxed hair then go for braids. They come in a variety of styles – cornrows, braided buns, micro and box braids, and kinky twists – and can be done easily both at home and at a salon. You can also leave you hair open with loose curls at tips. Use large rollers on the extreme ends of relaxed hair and let them sit for 5-10 minutes. Applying silicon serum on your hands, pull the curls out leaving the softest clue of a wave. Once you are done, run a shine spray through your hair to get a neat and shiny look.

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    Hair weaving

    You can also go for hair weaving and extensions to improve appearance of your natural hair. Using this technique you can also combat hair loss in certain areas.

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