Best Hair Brush for Curly Hairstyles

It can be quite a problem for girls if you are looking to have curly hairstyles. Choosing the right kind of accessories is very important if you have straight or wavy hair and want to have curls. However, you can also use hairbrushes after you take a shower to have natural looking curls for your hair. In this article, we will try to discuss some of the best hairbrushes that you can use to get natural looking curly hair. Although they may not long the entire day, they will at least keep your hair looking naturally curly, attractive and will turn a lot of heads.


  • 1

    Spornette Italian Collection Boar Rounder

    This brush is available for $18.99 over the internet and is probably the best hairbrush to curl your hair. It is made of high quality reinforced boar bristles and has a wooden handle for a comfortable feel in your hands. This brush is made in Italy and is available in three sizes to suit your needs. All you need to do is to just roll over your hair in this brush and dry them using a dryer. The curls will last for a major part of your day.

  • 2

    Monroe Latina Envy Brush

    This product from Monroe is ideal for really thick and coarse hair which can be sometimes really hard to manage. This brush is identical in design to the Boar Rounder discussed above except that it is $2 cheaper. Its bristles have close cuticle and enhance the shine of your hair. It is very lightweight and can be used quickly to have great looking curly hair.

  • 3

    Phillips MonsterVent Brush

    This big boy at just $11.95 is great if you are looking to have curly hair for longer period of time. Its vented air flow design allows for a faster dryer which keeps your hair curled for quite long. Its handle also has a rubber grip which allows for better handling of the brush.

  • 4

    Ceramic Tools Round Brush

    This rounded brush from Ceramic Tools is great when it comes to having curly hair with ease. Its ceramic technology holds heat, allows for a faster drying period and thus enables you to have curls for very long periods. It also eliminates frizz and leaves the hair shiny, silky and smooth. It also has a built in feature of protecting the hair from burning out. At just $7.49, this one is a bargain for the ladies looking to get curly hair without spending too much.

  • 5

    Spornette Prego Ceramic Styling Brush

    This second product from Spornette has an aerated barrel which heats up faster and allows hair to be dried quickly. This also has ceramic technology which not only protects hair from damage but allows for even distribution of heat. This product has a nice foam grip handle and is available in 6 different sizes to suit your needs.

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