How to Use Velcro Rollers to Curl your Hair

While a variety of curling irons is available in the market for amping up hairstyles with bouncy, defined curls, these tend to involve the direct application of heat to hair, which can be damaging to your locks. Velcro rollers present a fairly gentle method for curling hair, and if used correctly, can result in perfectly curled hair with a minimum amount of fuss and hassle.

Things Required:

– Velcro rollers
– Rat tail comb
– Hairspray
– Blow dryer
– Wide-toothed comb
– Styling gel/mousse
– Hooded dryer (optional)


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    Start by choosing the appropriate size of Velcro hair rollers you want to use. If you are going for looser curls that fall in a cascading wave, get larger rollers as these will give your hair plenty of wave and volume. However, if tighter, loopier curls are what you are after, you will need to buy smaller Velcro rollers.

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    Once you have the appropriate rollers, start with freshly washed hair. Blow-dry it completely – your hair needs to be absolutely dry before you begin, so make sure not even the slightest bit of dampness remains. Turn your head upside down as you blow dry, to make sure you dry all the strands.

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    Now, pick up the rat tail comb, and separate a small section of hair – this should be roughly around the same size as your roller. Apply a generous amount of hairspray on it, and comb the hairspray through, from root to tip.

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    Hold the section of hair tight and straight, and wind it around the Velcro roller, starting from the tip and working your way up until the roller is secured at the base of your scalp. The Velcro fabric should be enough to keep the roller pinned on securely, but if it starts to get loose, you can always use clips and pins to keep it in place.

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    Repeat the same process with the rest of your hair, making small sections, spraying them, and then rolling them up. Once all of your hair has been rolled up in this manner, you can either go under a hooded dryer for 5 to 15 minutes if you have access to one, or simply use a regular hair dryer all over your rolled hair for 5 to 10 minutes.

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    After the blow-drying, allow the hair to rest for around 20 minutes, letting it set and cool down. Then, gently remove the rollers, one at a time. Do not just pull or tug them out of your hair – instead, unroll them exactly as you rolled them up previously, otherwise you will completely ruin the curl.

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    You can now use a wide-toothed comb to style and set your hair, and if you wish, you can forego the combing part entirely and just run your fingers through your hair to gently tousle them. Finish by using styling gel or mousse, to give the curls more definition.

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