Top 10 Hairstyling Ideas for Women with Tutorials

Your hair style says a lot about you, and while men have the luxury of getting away with even a baldy, women aren’t so fortunate. The length of our hair, the color shades, the texture and the style itself are all important and justify the amount of time we end up spending (some people might disagree).

Either way, if you are having trouble deciding on your next hair style, here is a list of the top 10 hairstyles for women. Style away!


  • 1

    Glamorous Ponytail

    Rest assured a classic like the glamorous ponytail is never going to go out of fashion. If there ever was a hairstyle for any occasion, event or time, it’s this! Tie your hair up in a pony and be off on your way, whether it’s work or play. Click here for the tutorial.

    Glamorous Ponytail
  • 2

    Choppy Hair For a Younger Look

    Choppy hairstyles are not just for punk lovers. They can actually take years off your appearance, and if you have ever sported short hair, you might want to give choppy styles a go as well. Complete guide here.


    Choppy hair
  • 3

    Soft Waves

    If done right, nothing is as elegant and classy as soft wavy hair. It is the perfect style for parties and events, but needs a little more effort on your part. Our guide here explains how you can style your hair this way.

    Girl with Soft Wavy Hair
  • 4

    Bantu Knots

    While traditionally popular with women of African descent, Bantu knots are now being widely adopted because they are peppy, cute and flirty, especially if you go for a knot-out. Learn how to create bantu knots here.

    bantu knots
  • 5

    Flowing Waves

    This old school style is perfect if you want to achieve a classic vintage look. Remember those English country side belle’s? Well that’s the look you will be going for if you follow this guide.

    flowing waves for your hair
  • 6

    Ponytail with Hair Extensions

    Who says you can only style a ponytail with long hair? Extensions aren’t just for adding volume to your hair, you can even use them to style a ponytail that will work for any event or day. Just follow the instructions in our guide and we will tell you how.

    ponytail with hair extension
  • 7

    Hair Updos

    Updo hairstyles are great for a touch of elegance and class. As long as you have medium length hair, you can style them above the shoulder quite easily following the instructions in our updo style guide.

    Updo hairstyle
  • 8

    Side Swept Bun

    The ultimate style for women who want to look great, but not overdo it either. Sending out casual yet classy vibes, the side swept bun has been a favorite of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence. Now you can style your hair like them too using our tutorial.

    side swept bun
  • 9

    Half Up Half Down

    Half up half down hairstyles give you the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy long flowing hair at the back along with a classy touch on the top. Styling your hair like this is pretty easy and is explained in our half up half down styling tutorial.

    half up half down
  • 10

    Braiding Cornrows

    Braiding cornrows can transform your appearance, and its not a style restricted to the African region anymore. If you follow our guide, you won't even have to visit a salon to get cornrows, we tell you how to braid them yourself, just click here.

    Girl with Cornrows

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