How to Keep Your Hair Stylist Happy!

The role of a hair stylist is very important in grooming your personality, although in experience of a majority of clients you can never be happy how perfectly they do their job. One thing that can play an important role in making you happy about how well done was your hair style is having a good relationship with your stylist. Keeping your stylist happy helps building this relationship and then there are chances that you can get a satisfactory service every time you visit a hair stylist establishment.


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    The most important thing that matters in keeping your hair stylist happy is your conduct with the person. You should offer some respect to the stylist all the time you visit them. Even if you do not have to get your hair done, you should offer greetings to them whenever you pass by their establishment.

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    Hair stylists are well linked within their local community, and often know more about people than the people know themselves. This is their exclusive technique to get information out of people about other people. You can exploit such a weakness of a hair stylist, but try to refrain from becoming a controversial figure that your hair stylist loses all respect for you.

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    You should tell your hair stylist what type of style you want to be done on your hair this time, but then let them do their job until they are finished and ask you if you were satisfied. If you are not, ask them to do some more work on it until you think your hair style is okay now. You possibly cannot be satisfied how they have done their job 100 percent, not matter how much time they consume to do your hair. The reason is that environment of hair salons is different to your home and outside. For example, they extensively decorate the place with mirrors and use different types of products while giving you a hair cut. Even extensive use of water can make you appear different.

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    Always thank the stylist after you have got your hair done, and if possible give a reasonable amount of tip to the person. However, the tip is no way the only solution to build a better relationship with your hair stylist and make them happy. Sometimes, people like about staying limited in conversation and do not want talk to you at the time of their work, since it takes away their focus. So consider all these aspects.

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    Keeping one hair stylist for a longer time also helps build a sustainable relationship with you and motivates the hair stylist to give you more time and work harder on your hair. This way they are likely to be more open to you and are often willing to listen to you.

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