How to Get Beachy Waves Without Heat

Hairstyle defines a vital part of your personality and style of a person. An individual should be up-to-date with the current fashion and should always be ready to experiment with different trends. Many women with straight hair envy models or actresses that have great wavy hair. There is no need to be envious anymore as there are different ways to look like them.

For that matter, you do not need hairdryers or curling irons which damage your hair to an extent. The look can be achieved without heating or damaging your hair.


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    Wash and comb your hair

    It is important that your hair is clean and conditioned before you braid them to get a wavy texture. Thoroughly shampoo the hair and apply the conditioner to add the extra moisture to the layers. Dry the hair with the help of a towel. Apply the towel gently as you do not want to completely dry the hair. Do not use a hair dryer as that would leave your hair completely dry which you would not want.

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    Comb the hair and apply mousse

    When you are done drying your hair with a towel, use a wide-tooth comb to properly shape the hair. Apply some styling mousse to the hair to add shine and hold. Gently apply the product to all the hair and make sure you cover the roots also. Again comb the hair to bring them back in shape after the mousse has been applied.

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    Make equal divisions of your hair for braiding

    Divide the hair in three equal portions for braiding. It is good to clip the other two portions when you are working on one section to avoid any disturbance. First, braid the centre section and the two sections on the right and left side. Make a ponytail and tie all three sections with a rubber band.

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    Remove the rubber band

    It is always good to leave the sections overnight for best results. In the morning, remove the rubber band and untie the braids. There will be visible waves in your hair. Gently use your fingers to set the hair according to your desire. Do not use a comb or brush as that would damage the curls or the waves made through braiding.

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    Use shine serum for styling

    When you are done with setting the hair with your fingers, apply a shine serum to give a wet look to your hair. The beachy waves would remain for most part of the day through this process.

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