How to Turn Dry Hair to Healthy Hair

Hair is one of the greatest gifts of nature. They add to our looks and shape our personality in a positive manner. However, if they are unhealthy, they do not look good and also reflect badly upon us.

If you have dry hair, you can make some efforts to change them into healthy ones. It is a process that takes time and effort but it is totally worth it. There is no replacement of the confidence one gets from having a healthy set of hair and the ability to experiment with different hair styles.


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    Oil Your Hair

    There are various options. You can use olive oil as well as coconut oil. Soak your hair and put on a plastic cap on your hair to seal them. Leave the oil on for a few hours and if possible, let the oil stay overnight. This will help you in moisturising your hair.

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    Shampooing and Conditioning

    Use a shampoo that is light on the hair, ideally something with a balanced PH and then use conditioner that is rich in vitamins. After you put on the conditioner, leave it in the hair for a few minutes so that the scalp can take in the nutrients and then wash it.

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    Sleep with a Scarf

    You hair can lose oil when you sleep on a pillow as the oil goes into the pillow. It is not a bad idea to wear a satin scarf to avoid the loss of moisture. You can also use a sleeping bonnet for this purpose.

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    Eat Well

    Having an unbalanced diet is not good for your hair. Eat healthy food and take you vitamins. Make sure that you consume natural oils through eating nuts which are great for your hair. Also drink lots of water so that you do not dehydrate and your skin remains healthy.

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    Avoid Extreme Weather

    Your hair can get into bad shape if they are exposed to extreme heat or extremely low temperatures. Try not to leave home for too long if the sun is bright and if you must leave, cover your hair with a scarf or a hat to protect them.

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    Brush your hair before sleeping as that gets the blood flow going and will stimulate the scalp. It will also help in distributing the oil at the tip of your hair.

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