How to Keep a Curly Weave Looking Nice

Curly weaves are very much in style these days and can provide style and versatility to your personality. Scientists have proved that girls with curly weaves are more confident than the rest in general. However, not every girl can keep curly weaves as they require extra care and if not taken care of properly, curly weaves can trouble you to great extent.

Curly weaves are difficult to manage but with some basic guidelines, you can keep your curly weaves look nice and healthy.


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    Use shampoo that has no sulphates

    Curly hair is usually dry so you cannot use a shampoo that has sulphates in it. Sulphate-free shampoos are easily available in the market and they can keep your hair less dry. Before buying a shampoo, check the ingredient list to see if the product has sulphate in it or not. Another disadvantage of sulphate shampoo is that such products strip the hair of many important oils and that can be very harmful to the follicles.

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    Untangle tenderly

    Curly weaves can get tangled easily and you need habitual untangling to keep your weave looking nice for a longer period of time. Untangle your weaves tenderly and segment your hair into different sections. Use clips to set them apart and focus on one section at a time. Use a wide-tooth comb or shower comb to comb your hair and start from the base working your way up.

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    Avoid blow drying

    Whatever you do, never ever blow dry your hair if you have curly weaves. Blow drying is dangerous for any hair style but for weaves, it is very deadly. If you want the curly weaves to look nice and last long, stay away from blow drying. Blow drying can make your hair frizz and dry so let your hair dry by itself. You can use a soft towel to dry your hair after washing but it is recommended that you let them dry naturally.

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    Moisturize well

    You need to condition your hair well if you have curly weaves. Because of its shape, curly weaves require more moisture than other type of hair and you cannot ignore this fact. Use thick moisturizing conditioner to keep your weaves hydrated. You can also use a hydration hair mask once a week, and don’t forget to wrap your hair in a warm moist towel for 20 to 25 minutes after conditioning. This will help the absorption process.

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