Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

There are some people, who wish to grab the attention of others by doing silly things. They either dress in a way that everyone notices them or behave weirdly in order to create a public scene.

Moreover, you will also come across people, who dare to perform dangerous stunts in order to gain popularity. However, you might not have seen anyone experimenting with his/her hair in order to look different from others, very commonly.

There are some crazy hairstyles, which can be kept to seek public attention. However, you need to spend hours in front of the mirror even after getting the desired haircut.


  • 1

    Animal hair

    As the name suggests, your hair is styled in shape of an animal. This gives you quite a bizarre look, but you will definitely get the attention of people around you.

  • 2

    Nigerian footballers

    Even though the Nigerian footballers have been unable to make a big impression in major events off late, yet they are always in the news for their unique hairstyles. The most famous one in the tightly pulled up green braids.

  • 3

    Batman haircut

    If you are a comics fan, you can get the logo of your favourite character, such as batman, on your head through a haircut.

  • 4

    The afro cap

    If you are an African native, you should be aware of the afro cap, which is quite a unique haircut. The stylist shapes your hair like a cap, but you need to have a long length for it.

  • 5

    Electric shock hair

    You must have seen numerous ads in which the person gets a wild hairstyle after getting an electric shock. Although the electric shock has got nothing to do with your hair style, you can still get this to look different from others.

  • 6

    Wild spikes

    If no one notices you in short or long spikes, make them wild. However, you will need a powerful gel to hold your hair straight.

  • 7

    Face shaved on head

    By having a face shaved on your head, you will not only get noticed by others, but will also be able to scare them off .

  • 8

    Statue of liberty

    This hairstyle is ideal for American women for looking both unique and patriotic at the same time.

  • 9

    Guitar on head

    If you are a music lover, you can express yourself by getting your hair styled like a guitar.

  • 10

    Helicopter haircut

    Probably the funniest of all is the helicopter haircut, which makes you look like an alien.

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