How To Clean Natural Hair Make-Up Brushes

Cosmetics brushes are an item women often take for granted. We treat them carefully, use them until they fall apart and often forget that they need maintenance or washing. Unless the locks are white, they might not appear unclean. Be sure that they are. Make up brushes that not only makeup, but they also gather oil, epidermis cells, parasites, dirt and dust. All brushes–whether made of man-made materials or organic fibres should be washed regularly. How often the brush should be washed depends on the frequency of use. If the product is not used too often, it may only need to be washed a few times per year.

Natural locks make-up brushes can get unclean very often. Cleaning them every week will help cut returning on the parasites that gets moved to your face. It does not take much time to wash and dry the locks. The key in cleansing the locks bristles is to use locks shampoo instead of side soap or dish washing liquid. Keeping your make up brushes clean is essential to ensure your brushes last long.


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    Lay out a bath side towel on the counter top. If you aren't using the bathroom, any flat working surface will work fine.

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    Lay your organic locks make-up brushes in a row on the side towel. Fill the bathroom drain, or a medium-sized dish, with water and a few falls of locks shampoo. Pick up one sweep at a time and dip it into the heated, sudsy water. Gently rub the sweep bristles together with your fingertips. Do this until the sweep cleansers are fresh.

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    Place the make-up sweep into another dish of cold water that is fresh. Rinse the sweep by circulating it around and massaging the bristles with your fingertips. Lay the make-up item upside down on the towel. Pat dry the sweep with a bath side towel. Now consider repeating this step for all the make-up brushes.

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