Blow Dry Hair Straight Yourself With a Round Brush

You don’t have to go to the salon every time you want to straighten you hair as long as you have a blow dryer at hand. The whole process doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes and by the end of it, you will have perfect straight hair.

The technique works for frizzy and curly hair too, and is used by professional stylists around the world.

Things Required:

-Heat protectant
-Straightening balm
-Blow dryer
-Hair clips
-Thick, round brush


  • 1

    Wash hair first

    Before you begin straightening your hair, make sure they are shampooed, conditioned and dried properly. 

    Woman washing hair
  • 2

    Apply heat protectant

    Keep special focus on the ends of your hair as you apply a thin layer of heat protecting product. Be as thorough as possible because you will be subjecting your hair to a lot of heat and the protectant will be the only thing preventing damage.

    Woman using hair protectant
  • 3

    Apply hair straightening balm

    Place a small quantity of hair straightening balm on your palm. Distribute the product evenly on both your hands by rubbing your palms together and then run them through your hair to apply it uniformly throughout.

    Hair straightening balm
  • 4

    Turn on the blow dryer

    Now turn the blow dryer on medium or low settings and direct it towards your hair from a short distance. As the hot air hits your hair, run fingers through them to so that they dry up properly.

    Woman blow drying hair
  • 5

    Divide hair into sections

    Once you dry your hair, divide them into three equals sections and clip up one section to the right side of your head and the second section to the left. This will leave the third section hanging at the back.

    Hair into sections
  • 6

    Start straightening

    Now you get to work on the third, unclipped section and straighten it before you move on to the other two sections.

    -Take a round, thick brush and start brushing your hair from the roots down to the ends, all the while blow-drying them slowly.

    -Move the brush through the underlying layer of hair, exposing it all directly to the heat from the blow dryer.

    -Continue till the underlying layers are thoroughly heated and then move on to the top layers.

    -Apply constant tension using the round brush and uniformly cover the entire section with the blow dryer.

    -Continue this until the whole section is straightened and then repeat the same procedure with the other two hair sections.

    Straighten Hair
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