How to Latch Hook a Hair Weave

If you love growing your hair and appreciate a heavy scalp then by using a latch hook to make a weave gives you the freedom of using loose hair to enhance your look. While it requires an easy technique to latch hook a hair weave, you will not be able to do it on your own and will be requiring the help of a friend. You need to stop dying your hair weeks before putting it in a weave so that your hair is strong enough and does not break easily.


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    You do not have to wash your hair before putting in your weave as it works well with dirty hair, so if you feel that washing your hair is necessary, then do it a day earlier at the most.

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    Now you will require a friend’s help in putting your hair in cornrows. This can be done in circles or in straight horizontal lines. You now need to tie the cornrows.

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    The latch hook needs to be pushed through the cornrow from the downside. You will require help from your friend in doing this properly. Be very clear in letting your friend know that she/he has to push the latch from under the cornrow.

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    Now grab the loose hair and divide them into sections as you place a section in the latch hook. You will have to remove the sewn edge by cutting it off in case your weave gets sewn together. The latch hook needs to be locked now and also the strand has to be pulled through the cornrow.

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    For the weave strand to remain in place, you now have to tie the two strands together into a knot, however, try not to break the hair while doing this procedure. If you have weak hair then it is suggested that you knot the hair gently in order to prevent any damage. You can use glue but it is not recommended since gluing the strands can become messy.

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    You need to continue doing this throughout your scalp until you are done. Make sure that you take your time and not rush any step for great looking hair.

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