How To Cornrow Childrens Hair

Cornrows have gained immense popularity over the last few years. Essentially, it is a form of braiding that was first introduced in Africa. Doing cornrows on children’s is not as difficult as it may seem. Although it usually takes a lot of time, skill and patience, even a learner can do cornrows without any difficulty. You can give hair several looks by making some changes to the appearance of your hair. Many people consider cornrows a way to alter their hair appearance. Typically, it is popular among males and children as it helps them achieve a hip hop look. Additionally, doing cornrows is affordable. So if you are looking to make some changes in your children’s hair style, then putting cornrows could be a good idea.


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    Firstly, you must determine the kind of styling you want to achieve on your hair. It is extremely important to prepare a plan before you consider making changes to the children’s locks. Consider writing the steps on a piece of paper.

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    Children should be in a happy mood when they are getting their hair altered. So consider picking the time of the day when you see the child in a good mood. To be able to do a cornrow effectively, the child must sit still for a while. If he/she is tired or cranky, you should wait for more appropriate time. Entertaining your child with books and toys is an excellent idea.

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    Talk to your child about the idea of changing their hairstyle. Be sure that your child wants cornrows in their hair. Remember that children get excited about different hairstyles at first but later they lose interest and might blame you for messing up their hair.  If your child agrees to cornrows then you should move ahead with the new hairstyle.

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    Select the section of hair where you want to start the process. Use hair clips and rubber bands to keep the rest of the hair out of the way. Now consider making three threads to create the row. Bring it around and hold some hair from the rest of the section.

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    Repeat this process with each stitch while continue to brad. This is similar to adding hair constantly to a braid. If you are looking to make an invisible braid, tuck hair under. To make a track visible, bring the hair over the top.

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