How to Speed Up Chest Hair Growth

Some men just can’t grow enough chest hair the way they would like them to, while others grow more quickly.  Genetic makeup is originally responsible for your hair growth rate, which varies among races. While hair growth cannot be altered dramatically, there are certain methods by which you can encourage it. Chest hair are associated with masculinity and that is why men desire more hair on their chests. Keep on reading this article to know how you can grow chest hair quickly.


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    All types of massages are excellent for hair growth. People with thin scalp hair are always advised to massage their heads on a daily basis and the same rule applies for chest hair. You need to massage your chest daily for an improved blood circulation which will speed up the growth of hair. You should rub your chest for two minutes almost every day.

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    Exercise plays a major role in the growth of hair. It enables better blood circulation, which is critical for hair growth. You need at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercises four to five times a week. With exercise you will notice a radical change in the health of your hair, as not only will it improve but the growth will also be more rapid.

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    Eucalyptus oil is very good for your hair, so apply it twice a day on your chest as the oil activates hair follicles, aiding the growth process.

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    Hair are made up of protein, so you need to increase your protein intake to promote healthy growth of hair on your chest. It is vital that protein makes up 30 percent of your daily diet. All dairy products, fish and meat are an excellent source of protein and should be a part of the food we eat each day.

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    Stress can stunt hair growth, so in order for your chest hair to grow normally you need to relax. Practice meditation exercises which will help you calm down.

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    Proper sleep is critical for a healthy hair growth. If you want to grow your chest hair then it is suggested that you take seven hours of sleep at least.

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    Eat lots of vegetables, as onions, carrots, potatoes and peppers contain beta carotene which contributes towards healthier hair.

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