How to Grow Sideburns at a Young Age

Almost every teenager in the world wants to look manly by having a beard and moustache on his face. Normally, a 16-year-old boy begins to grow facial hair but sometimes they face problems due to a hormonal disorder. Moreover, the ability to grow facial hair also depends on genetics as you inherit these things from your parents.

It has been observed that youngsters start using razor on their face to speed up the process but it does not produce desirable results. However, they should not be worrying as there are some natural ways to accelerate the process.


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    Take care of your diet:

    Check your diet and find out what nutritious element is missing in your diet chart. It is completely a wrong notion that eating meat helps you to grow facial hair earlier than the normal age. Remember, malnutrition can cause slow hair growth so balance your diet. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Add more vegetables and food in your diet plan.

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    Forgo shaving:

    Do not use razor on your face as it is a futile exercise. Shaving has nothing to do with hair growth. It only makes your beard thick but if you do not have one then there is no sense in this method.

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    Ask your physician:

    Do not do experiments rather you should consult doctor and ask him/her to suggest some medical treatment. They surely will help you if they think facial growth necessary. Do not force them to suggest some medicine as their side effects can double the trouble for you.

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    Avoid caffeine and cigarettes:

    Most of the youngsters start smoking just to have some manly attitude but they do not know that it weakens their immune system and ultimately makes their hair growth slow. Same is the case with caffeine intake as it also leaves bad effects on your body so give up these bad habits.

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    Take Dietary supplement:

    You may take dietary supplements to fulfil your body needs. However, you should go for it only after getting a green signal from your doctor. Vitamin B really plays a vital role in growth of hair so try those supplements which provide your body the required nutritious elements.

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    Increase Protein intake:

    Since hair is protein so you should add more protein in your diet. Eggs, fish and beans are the natural source of Protein so try to raise their quantity in your diet.

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