How to Get Bangs for Curly And Straight Hair

Bangs or a fringe is cutting part of the front hair so that it sits over the forehead. A traditional bang is cut fairly straight at or above the eyebrows; however, they can also be cut longer and swept across one side of the face, as well as spiked up with hair gel. Bangs can be modeled in a number of styles including straight, blunt, sideswept, pin-up, V-shaped etc.

Bangs suit both straight as well as curly hair, and occur naturally in many styles of short hair. Whilst it is easy to style bangs for straight hair as compared to curly and fizzy hair, both hair types need a little effort to keep them in proper shape so that they frame your face more flatteringly.

Things required:

– Straightening cream or serum
– Hair dryer
– Comb
– Paddle brush
– Hairspray


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    Get bangs for curly hair

    Shampoo and condition your hair. While your hair are wet, apply a straightening cream or serum. Squeeze a small amount of cream on your hand and rub your hands together for 10-15 seconds to evenly distribute the product across your palms. Now run your hands through the hair starting from the root and ending on the tips. After applying the serum on your hair with hands, comb your hair gently to ensure every hair is properly coated. This will create a buffer between your hair and the hair straightening devices, protecting them against heat damage. To make your curly hair bangs look sleek and pulled together, blow them straight.

    Once your curly hair are straightened, try a few finishing touches to help pull things together, otherwise your straight bangs may look artificially blunt, flat or sharp. Run your fingers through the bangs a few times to separate locks and add a little bit of variation in how your hair fall on your forehead, and you are ready to go.

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    Get bangs for straight hair

    If your hair are straight and silky, things are a lot simpler. The only problem you might face with your fringe is that it will lay flat on your forehead. All that you would need to do with the bangs is add a little bit of volume to them. The procedure is the same as you did with the curly hair, the only difference is effort. Apply hair straightening serum to semi-wet hair. Blow dry your hair and run your fingers through them a few times to bust any frizz.

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