How to Reduce Hair Fall Naturally At Home

Do you stay away from combing just because of the fear of excessive hair fall that have already lost their natural shine? Do you avoid braided hairstyles as you come up with a dull braid every time that looks as thin as a rope? If YES is you answer, then it is an alarming situation where it can give birth to thinning hair or baldness. The falling of 50 to 60 strands per day is normal from a medical point of view, but if this number exceeds then you really have to wake up in order to fix it before you lose all of your beautiful hair. Fortunately in today’s developed world, solutions are available for almost every problem. As far as hair fall is concern, there are many medical treatments available like semi-permanent wigs, hair transplant, chemical shampoos, and hair plugs etc. However, all of these treatments are not only painful and time consuming but expensive as well. Moreover, they do not provide you with the best desired results most off the time. Therefore it is better to forget about them and to reduce hair fall naturally at home. The natural ways are free of cost, very effective and do not contain any side effects.


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    Know and Avoid the Reasons of Hair Fall

    A proper know how of the major reasons of hair fall is very important. The best step to avoid or at least stop the hair fall are given below and are some of the main reasons:

    - Stress
    - Anxiety
    - Mind Strain
    - Dehydration
    - Pollution
    - Smoking
    - Unbalanced Diet
    - Telogen effluvium
    - Excessive use straightener, rollers, and blow drier
    - Too much use of hair products, containing chemicals
    - Iron’s Deficiency
    - Alopecia Areata

    Now you know all the major reasons behind hair fall, avoid them as much as you can in order to enjoy healthy hair.

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    Concentrate on Your Diet

    Your diet can play a very vital role in reducing hair fall. Make a proper diet plan for your hair fall issue and make sure it contains a proper proportion of zinc, iron, protein and Vitamin A, B, C, E.

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    Drink Plenty of Water and See the Difference

    As you know that dehydration is on the list of the major causes of hair fall, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to overcome this issue. Moreover, drink pure juices to meet the liquid requirement of your body.

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    Consider Hot Oil Treatments

    Massaging with warm oil is another useful natural remedy to reduce hair fall. Heat a small bowl of any of your favorite natural oil in a microwave oven. Now dip your finger tips into the oil and apply it to the roots of your hair. Use your finger tips to gently massage your scalp in a circular motion for 10 minutes. Now cover your head with a shower cap and leave for at least one hour until the oil penetrates into the root of your hair. Given below are some of the natural oils that you can consider for a massage:

    - Olive oil
    - Coconut oil or milk
    - Canola oil
    - Sesame oil

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    Massage with Natural Juices

    Use the above mentioned procedure to massage some natural juices into you scalp as they help in reducing hair fall. Given below are some of the natural juices that you can use to massage:

    - Garlic juice
    - Onion juice
    - Ginger juice

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    Head Massages Help

    Proper head massages greatly reduces hair fall as it reduces stress and anxiety – two of the major reasons of your hair fall. Check out, How to Give Yourself a Head Massage.

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    Remember a Few Don’ts

    - Don’t blow-dry too much
    - Don’t use a hair straightener frequently
    - Don’t wet hair
    - Don’t smoke
    - Don’t pull your hair hard
    - Don’t brush or wash excessively
    - Don’t use chemical hair products
    - Don’t run your fingers through your hair

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    Remember a Few Dos

    - Keep your hair clean
    - Cover your head to avoid pollution
    - Brush your hair with a wide-tooth brush
    - Trim the split ends time to time
    - Do simple hair style

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