How to Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

It’s not necessary that women with long hair have the only right to style there hairs differently, now women with short hair also have several trendy hairstyles which can make their overall look magnificent. This is true that short hair cannot be styled in various and unique manners, but since the introduction of extensions in the world of hairstyling this issue has also been resolved. In short hair the up do hairstyle is considered to be the most difficult one although it looks extremely chic and classy. For long hair this sort of hairstyle can be made in next to no time but when you have to make the similar style on short hair extra effort is required. For short hair you will require fewer amounts of hair beauty products like gel and hairsprays but you will require a lot of hair accessories to hold them in one place.


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    Even if the texture of your hair is really good but handling short hair while styling them is a tough task to make eliminate that hassle you can take help from hair gels and wax. Put a moderate amount of hair gel to dampen your hair and make your job easy.  Then with damp hair you can style them in any manner according to your choice. Gel can be very effective for women who wish to make a spiky hairstyle.

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    If you wish to portray a sleek look even then you can use a mousse, gel or a wax and put your hair away from your face including the bangs as well. This sort of look is a formal and a semi-formal look, it will help your face to grab the spot light and your beautiful feature will get a chance to attract people’s attention.

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    You can also evenly brush your hair and gather your hair from the upper portion and hold them in one place with the help of a clip or claw, then by using bobby pins gather the hair from the lower section. Make sure that you have assembled all of your hair. After a little while release your hair from the hair accessories and put a moderate amount of gel and draw them back, you can also use bobby pins if any of your strands are not coming to its position.

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    The simple way to make an updo hairstyle is by gathering all your hair and making a pony, the remaining hair strands which cannot be assembled in a pony they can be managed with the help of bobby pins.

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    For a formal occasion you can make an up do by using formal accessories and try keeping the bangs on your face. Avoid any sort of unevenness in your hairstyle like bumps and lumps.

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    In short hair the best part is that you can make your hairstyle look very feminine and beautiful with the help of hair accessories which could be head bands clips ponies and hair claws. Try using accessories according to the occasion avoid casual accessories on a formal occasion.

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