Avocado Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Prolonged exposure to sunlight might damage your hair and left them rough and dry. There are numerous products available in the market to act as remedies for dry hair and head scalp. Apart from shampoos and conditioners, hair masks have grown very popular for treating rough and dry hair. However, extended use of these chemical-filled products can lead to other permanent problems for your hair and scalp. Most of the users these days prefer to use organic or natural products for their hair and it is the better option as well. You can also use avocado to make a hair mask and you will see how your dry hair are rejuvenated and become softer.


  • 1

    First of all, you should shampoo your hair completely and towel dry them afterwards. Let your hair a bit moist so that avocado can stay in them for appropriate time.

  • 2

    Take a ripened, average sized avocado and cut it into two halves. Be careful while using the knife to cut avocado and then take out the large seed inside it.

  • 3

    Scoop out the soft inner pulp of avocado using a spoon and put it into a mixing bowl. Don’t leave any flesh within the fruit.

  • 4

    Take an average size lemon and slice it in two halves. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over avocado in the mixing bowl.

  • 5

    Add one teaspoon of honey into the bowl. Honey provides soothing effect to your head scalp and provides necessary nutrition to hair.

  • 6

    It is also recommended to add one teaspoon of olive oil in the avocado mixture. Olive oil will act as the moisturising agent and is extremely beneficial for dry hair.

  • 7

    Take a fork and mix all the ingredients, fully mashing the avocado to form a thick paste. If you feel the paste is too thick to apply as a hair mask, you can add a few drops of milk into it.

  • 8

    Divide the mixture into many parts within the mixing bowl.

  • 9

    Take one portion of avocado mask at a time and start massaging it onto your head scalp. Use a wide-toothed comb to run over your hair and applying the mask onto them.

  • 10

    Once you have applied the mask thoroughly, pile up all your hair on the top of your head and put on a shower cap.

  • 11

    Wait for 30 minutes to let avocado mask penetrate the scalp and hair. Rinse with lukewarm water afterwards.

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