How to Use Flowers in a Wedding Hairstyle

Flower are the essential part of any wedding whether it’s a bouquet which has to be in the hands of bride or a basket of flowers in the hands of brides maid, but besides that brides prefer having a beautiful flower in their hair as well. They do not consider their look complete until their hairstyle is assisted with an elegant flower placed in a perfect place around the bun. There is no as such technique of putting a flower, you just have to figure out where will it look pretty or in which direction the flower will be able to grab the spotlight.


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    The first thing before you put a flower in your hairstyle is to make a proper hairstyle. Usually big flowers look pretty in a bun which gives a formal look. If you are planning to have a casual wedding then you can open up your hair and put a flower in a neat and simple manner.

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    There are various kinds of bun depending upon the length of your hair, if you have short hair then a small bun will be made, but if the length is long than a huge bun can also be made. No matter what style you make sure it suits your face.

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    After completing your hair style put fair amount of hair spray to give a polished and complete look to your hair. Do not spray after putting the flower it will destroy it.

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    Now if the bun is huge then put the flower below you hair bun as shown in the image and secure it with the help of hair pins.

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    If the bun is small then you will have to decide an appropriate place on the sides of the bun. Do not place it on the top.

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